Code of Conduct

PyCode Conference is social conference designed for creating collaboration net for programmers. We appreciate participation of every member of Python community and we want everyone to have nice and satisfying experience from participation in this event. In connection with this every participant should show respect and kindness to other participants during this conference and next editions of PyCode Conference as well as on other events made as a result of Polish Python Users Group and Code Squat cooperation. In order to explain what is expected, every participant, sponsor, lecturer, organizer, volunteer and other people taking part in events is obligated to keep this Code of Conduct. Organizers will execute this code during whole event.

Short Version

PyCode Conference is aiming for ensuring everyone regardless gender, orientation, appearance , disability, race, ethnic derivation or religion peaceful event. We are not tolerating any harassment of conference participants in any form, neither on-line or off-line. Whole Communications should be adequate to Professional community, we won’t tolerate Any sexual abuses. Be nice for others. Do not abuse and do not look down on anybody Remember! Sexual or racist harassment or not appropriate jokes are not Welcome during PyCode Conference. If anyone harass You, organizers will take action to punished this person including removal without return the costs. We are thankful that You are ma king our event nice for everyone.

Long Version

Harassment includes abusing verbal comments about gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, body size, color skin, religion, sexual images in public domain, intentional intimidation, stalking, following, constant interfering during talks or any other event, inappropriate physical contact and intrusive sexual attention. Participants soon immediately change their behavior after warning. Sponsor stalls as well as their workers are also subjected by anti-harrasment policy. Sponsors and sellers in particular should not use sexsism images, action or any other abusing. Stall workers (including volunteers) should not wear sexist clothes / attire / costumes, or create sexualized environment in any other way. Stalls Cannot serve alkohol drinks. Be cautious about words You are saling. Remember, every racist, sexist or Rother abusing jokes binded with discrimination of other person May be abusing for other pe ople in Your environment. Misusing alcohol or other illegal substances, excessive cursing or abusive are not Welcome on PyCode Conference. If the participant behaves in a way that violates this Code of Conduct, the conference organizers will take appropriate action, including a warning about committing a crime or expulsion from the conference without refund.


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